• The Numbers Post – OR – Why Traveling Seems Glamourous But Isn’t Always So Awesome

    I fly a lot. No, really, I do. I don’t fly QUITE as much as a lot of other people – United 1Ks, for instance – but I fly a fair amount, and don’t have to fly United (frequent flyer humor, sorry). I’m currently on, as best as I can remember, my 44th flight so far in 2010. If you’d like me to break that down for you, I can. I’ve flown 34 times on Alaska Airlines, 8 times on Delta, one time on United, and one time on Sun Country. I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t have time to explain who Sun Country is. What I will explain, however, is what all of this flying gets me.

    I’m currently an MVP on Alaska, which means I’ve flown at least 20K miles on that airline, or 25K on Alaska plus its Partners. In this case, I was status matched (meaning, Alaska provided me with status as I moved from a home market of another airline I held elite status on into their market, and moved my business to them. It’s cool. Try it some time, but don’t game the system!) but have since actually cleared that threshold this year.

    • It lets me upgrade to first class on the regular when flying Alaska Airlines (I’m 19/34 this year being upgraded)
    • It lets me board pretty early when flying Alaska – and sometimes Delta, depending on whose policies we’re deciding to follow that day
    • It gets me a bonus 50% on top of all miles flown in my “miles to spend” bin on Alaska, soon to be an extra 100% once I hit MVP Gold, which I’ll do next week (it means I have flown 40K on Alaska only or 50K on Alaska + Partners)
    • I’m pretty sure there are other things, but they’re kind of just wasting space and besides the point, so I’m skipping them here. In any case, they’re cool, and make me think I’m better than you while at flying. Which I kind of am. But again, I digress.

    Back to the numbers, however.

    At some point this afternoon / evening / whatever time it was, I realized that I was texting / tweeting / emailing a bunch of things that all had numbers in them. Like the four NYC cabs that literally shook me off when I tried to get them to take me to JFK tonight. Or the 52 minutes I spent outside on the streets of NYC before I got in a cab to the airport. Or the $6 that I tipped the awesome doorman at the Hotel Roger Williams for securing said cab.

    I’d also like to note the 1 hour and 10 minutes that my flight was supposed to be delayed, meaning I would have left JFK at 9:25pm, instead we left at around 10:45 or so. Or maybe it was the 20 minutes I spent on line at Starbucks, only to be told when I reached the register that they were completely out of iced coffee.

    Is there a purpose to this blog post? Not really. Are you pretty peeved at me that you’ve gotten this far and are just recognizing this? Probably. Do I care? Maybe.

    It was only upon realizing that, after my iPhone decided, while I was in the middle of writing a short-and-sweet Facebook post about the lost time waiting for coffee that was never to be had, it needed to be completely restored and would no longer function until I connected to the Internet and completely rebooted it, that I had more than a few words to say. So here they are, with a nifty little group of numbers to go along with them.

    Before ending this post, I’d like to add some more numbers, however.

    • Our captain had to call JFK’s ground services 5 times in order for us to have potable water on our plane tonight. It’s not like the plane wasn’t SITTING THERE FOR HOURS WAITING TO BE SERVICED OR ANYTHING.
    • My taxi only took 1.5 hours to get me from midtown NYC to JFK, which, for those of you who think your traffic is bad in any other city (except LA, I guess), took me a whopping 16 miles. I laugh at your perception of what bad traffic is.
    • I’m currently sitting in row 27, seat F. I point this out as it’s a perk I have – getting to sit in exit rows. I’ll shut up about perks now.

    The moral to the story is, flying a lot isn’t all George Clooney. But it does make me look like one of the cool kids…in the FlyerTalk forums, that is.

  • The XX has taken over my music life

    I’ve been joking on Twitter / FB for the last few weeks about how I’m literally addicted to The XX, and I’m totally not lying. My last.fm says so. It also says that I’ve listened to too much Ke$ha this year, too.

    Check out the Pitchfork review if you haven’t already.

    Also, OMG. [props to Eliot]