too much time on our hands?

so it seems that the united states has been put into a position where we go raising our “terror level”, as it were up and down and left and right until we’re all blue in the face. rumours are abound that duct tape and plastic sheeting will save you in the impending chemical attack. so as probably more people mention the word “duct tape” on the visual and audio media in one week’s time than at any other time in history, it seems that someone, somewhere, has decided to become mr. etymology. rumours float around that it’s actually “duck tape”, which many people seem to say anyway, which is truly a phonetic saying, it seems.

i’ve heard it reported on the radio that the vaunted new york times even had an article about it, which maybe they did, but i can’t handle their publication on a regular basis because they can’t decide which direction to lean some days. so the world thinks, since we’re on hold with war in the middle east, no terrorism has happened (at least to those of us sheltered in the states, with our short term memory forgetting about the unfortunates in places like israel who have bombings regularly in the streets), and we’re all just twiddling our thumbs trying to figure out what french products to boycott next, that duct tape is actually duck tape, blah blah blah.

i mean, have we really reached that point where people have spent time on this? when newspapers are writing about it? when the public interest is that high in an item you can purchase yards and yards of for $2.49 at the home depot down the road? what is the problem with this? to solve this utter dilemma that we all seem to have fallen into, it seems that our savior is here. the boston globe‘s jan freeman has posted an article dated 3/9 entitled lame duck which should make everyone feel better. and while you’re at it, feel free to check out the duct tape guys website for a few laughs.

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