May Day! May Day!

ahh, the first of may, 2003. it’s a fascinating holiday of sorts that seems to be commemorated pretty much everywhere except the u.s. and u.k., from what i can tell. there’s just so much fodder out there to ramble about, i almost don’t know where to start.

caught up with this article about potentially false testimony in the timothy mcveigh trial. exactly what are you going to do about it now? posthumously revive the case? if he’s found guilty again, can we reconstitute mr. mcveigh just to do him in again? inquiring minds want to know. and while we’re on mcveigh…. why is it that there is flat out clear video footage of mcveigh in the general area of the waco standoff, hawking something like anti-government bumper stickers or something…and no one has talked about it? was this part of the evidence against him? i hope so.

heard a good interview this morning on imus this morning with ny post columnist fred dicker. they were discussing something about the ny times and dicker said “unlike the times, which would say ‘mr. hitler’…” or something along those lines. i thought that was the truest statement of the day. i’m not a big nyt fan, but i suppose they’re trying to be, on one hand, non-interfering in the articles themselves by taking out opinion by removing the respect factor from discussing hitler without a “mr.”, but at the same time inflammatory by not posting certain articles by their editors regarding the “boycott” of the masters golf tournament and more importantly, augusta national golf club by martha burk and company…. you can’t have it both ways my friends…. [ed: i can see the wsj article now….”messrs. hitler and mussolini were…blahblahblah”]

speaking of the wall street journal… so i’m reading the front page of the paper this morning, and they’ve got an article entitled “shocked? amused? want to hear more? just say, ‘shut up!'” and i was thinking…. oh my, what has it come to… now while i don’t look for the journal to give me lots of insights on what’s trendy or whatever, it does usually have something witty or cool on the front page. but for once, i was thinking “this is old news!” as i’ve been hearing that “shut up!” in conversation for a while now… it reviews how hyundai is using it in their ad campaign (which i would have shown you on but it’s gone out of business…. among other things… and even has drew barrymore’s perspective (you know you can hear her saying it in your head right now, right?) so while i applaud the journal for trying to be with-it right here, i think they’re a little behind… and therefore…not with-it.

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