Every Time You Think It’s Over…It’s not.

So it goes with multiple things. In the same week that the WHO has reversed its position about travel to Toronto, Canada, two more cases of SARS are found. ‘Experts’ say that the syndrome has peaked in areas like China, but two days prior Singapore came out with comments that people seemed to relapse… Not get it again…but relapse… Who knows where this is going to lead to. The best statement of all was that “we would just have to live with it,” and isn’t that true.

Was it just me, or did a lot of people in your various conversations feel it was amusing that the President of the US was going to land on an aircraft carrier, something he never did in his time during his military service? I had heard that quite a few people were like “hope he doesn’t miss!” or something along those lines, when he was going to land on the USS Abraham Lincoln yesterday to give his speech about the end of real military action in Iraq. Now while I might be declared as a democrat, I tend to vote with someone I agree with, R, I, or D… I didn’t vote for Bush in the first place, and do indeed disagree with him on a lot of things, but have to say that he’s done an excellent job, so I’m not a big fan of people who absolutely dismiss him. Hell, I definitely consider myself an anti-idiotarian, and one of this editor’s favorite reads is littlegreenfootballs

why isn’t it a bigger deal that lemrick nelson has said that he stabbed yankel rosenbaum during the crown heights riots a few years back? i’ve heard nothing about this on the whole, except for a few mentions on talk radio. how is it that someone gets away with this? talk about sad, sad state of affairs.

experts claim spam could ruin email via cnn…. no way? i couldn’t tell by the fact that you can now not ever give out an address and be covered in spam, even when the email provider hasn’t distributed it. someone is obviously making money out there, or there wouldn’t be so much, right? this is just disturbing. and for those who think that banning it is out of the question and is unfair, you can go fight that along with the do not call list. because email is hopefully here to stay, and is a main method of communication for a lot of people… i’ll throw in marketing to people with mobile phones. how is that legit? you’re sending text messages to people WHO PAY FOR THAT SERVICE! I don’t want someone taking up some of my 100 “free” messages a month or getting me charged a dime so I can see their movie or whatever. Thankfully this hasn’t so much set foot in the United States so far.

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