Who does that?

Okay, did any of you actually watch the season finale of Alias on ABC last night? Talk about cliff hanger. Talk about confusion. Talk about, what planet are we on again? Somehow the main character goes two years in the future and is thought to have been dead for the whole time, and her love interest is now married, and that her best friend, who looked dead in the bathtub, is not dead – somehow? what’s up with that?

The Internet is abound with theories, et al, and most of them are that Sydney is dreaming, or that the device that everyone is chasing after in the show is a time machine, which has been used and thrown some things off. Who knows.

All I know is, I couldn’t have drank (drunk?) enough Red Hooks last night to make this one wear off. Whoo wee. What am I gonna do now until September. I choose to watch 2 television programs TOTAL and they’re both full of cliffhangers – this and “24”…

And no, Jennifer Garner is not related to James Garner.

Moving on…

I just heard a commercial about EZPASS, the little box that you put on your windshield that pays the tolls for you on the highways in various states in the US. One of the actors says something about EZPASS being “evil” and it does nothing except make me laugh. It’s one of those things that you have because it pretty much makes your life easier, but the companies that have been running the system can just not get their you know what together. EVER. There is no reason that you can go through six tolls on one road, never move the box, and always go under the lane speed limit, and have 2 not go through. Why is that? There has to be a reason for it. My other favorite thing is that they have this system where the boxes just die after a while when the batteries go dead. But there’s no way to know if there’s just no money in your account, the toll reader is broken, or the box is dead. Like, couldn’t we institute some “light” or something on the box that told you something was going dead or whatever? And it’s not consistent – like your car headlights on your new car – how does that happen? Someone should be able to fix this, right?

What’s going on with unemployment – it’s at its highest level in months here in the US, and its only going to get higher. MSNBC is reporting that planned layoffs increasing… no one’s sure if we’re in a “recession” at all, yet some people think the economy is somewhat growing and improving. It’s almost like for two months, no one paid attention to anything because bombs were going to drop and then did so in Iraq, while the world was still spinning in the background. Did we miss something? Yep, you missed something.

Haven’t these people heard about trillian? I mean, this is a great article about how IM is making its way into the business world, so much so that it’s starting to show up on business cards – and these people have a quote from someone who’s using four IM software programs. Why wouldn’t the writer do a little research rather than just blathering back out what was quoted to her? I mean, put some thought into this, do a little DD. You could have made a witty remark like “IT managers would like to see a program like trillian…” or something. Oh well, I guess I’m just complaining… Or are a little to ahead of this particular writer.

Why is it that the Iraqi Information Minister keeps showing up… Talk about 15 minutes… Looks like djs are starting to use his phrases in various mixes and stuff…. Quite disturbing, I must say – yet amusing nonetheless.

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