The revolution probably isn’t on Dish Network.

Nothing against Dish Network, I just like DirecTV better.

Well, it was yet another interesting day in the world, and for my small corner, there are some things to say…. The tornado warnings floating around the midwest and south continued, including one in Atlanta earlier today. That’s gotta be kinda crazy for them…. Nothing that harsh on the east coast, nor west coast from what I can tell… But approximately 39 people have lost their lives from the twisters, and there’s not an end just yet to their terror.

Yes, you can use terror in a way that isn’t describing the intentional destruction of people and places by those who foster thinking different from them.

Well, it looks like this guy has decided he wanted to be yet another Democrat in the presidential race for ’04. Now I’m registered as a D, as you’ve heard before, but this guy has no chance at all. Don’t people have advisors that tell them this? I mean, for one thing, no one is voting for this guy when his state can’t even get their voting booths to work properly. Even if you’re a Republican you know that there were voting problems… The thing that still bothers me about the 2000 election is that just because Al Gore got more physical votes, that means nothing – you have to get the electorate to vote for you. While he was inventing the Internet, he should have done some researching on how voting works in the Democratic Republic that is the United States. But I digress. Needless to say, Florida Senator Bob Graham has exactly zero chance. At anything.

Newsweek has an article about Costco, and how it’s mainstreamed its way to be the king of warehouse clubs, and I couldn’t agree more. In the past few weeks, I’ve either purchased or know people that have purchased everything from a swingset (with slide!) to wine and beer, to socks, to fresh meat, to pasta, to soda. They’ve got it all, their employees are generally nice, and they are always crowded. I’d love to see statistics on how many freezers for basements have been sold as compared to the previous five years before Costco got big. I’m sure the emergence of warehouse clubs in the world have had an effect on the economy as a whole.

And as far as kookiness goes, check this out – looks like you can drink on the job, if you’re in Denmark, and work at a masonry company. Court rules beer OK. via cnn.

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