Do the humpty hump…

Wednesday has reached us, my friends. And yet again, the world has not disappointed. Matt Drudge is reporting via BBC news that some flicks about SARS are on the way. Great. I’m excited.

Michael Rogers has written that digital music could be near an end as we know it… this comes just after Apple’s ITunes service hits it big with a pay service. Personally, I’ve never felt that a pay service was a bad idea, and it would probably fly. Think about it – there was a time where you paid for your music, and you weren’t dying over it. If you could have a good product, you’d probably pay for it, at least somewhat. There will always be a way around things, I firmly believe – but a pay service can and will catch on. Services like ITunes and emusic will continue to be in the forefront.

Mark Hulbert at CBS Marketwatch asks “Should you follow Ted Turner’s lead and sell your shares of AOL Time Warner?” I for one would agree. It was a disaster waiting to happen from the start. AOLTW is a worse scourge to this planet than the spam I received today about AOL and Intel merging to form the world’s largest Internet company… Don’t forget “It’s true – I saw it on the news!”… Yeah, where’s your check from Microsoft’s email tracking service?

Looks like Nick Richards at the nedblog has gone to a much cleaner looking blog. Very straight texty, but keeping it all intact. Been a little behind with the quality reads in a while – have to keep up on them. Also noted that Kafkaesque is a gladiator these days. Seeing Kafka’ around on metafilter is always a good thing… More links to come and updates on news and the rest of the world that I’m having a good time in.

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