Two for one

No comments from yesterday, so I’ll have to make it good today…

Not to poke fun, but if you thought riding coach was bad, try flying like this, where over 100 people were sucked out of a cargo plane they were riding in the back of in the Congo. Speaking of the Congo – why is it “The Congo”, why not just “Congo”? I need to know about this.

The Washington Post is reporting that al qaeda is planning new “september 11” size attacks on the United States. The key point to read in this article is that they refer to someone who is the “media coordinator” for al qaeda… That’s the best thing I’ve heard this week. [via drudge report]

Why exactly is a nude tennis tourney to be played? Nevermind, that’s fine – do your thing… but why is it being webcast? Talk about strange things flying around on the Internet.

I know this is probably just a sports topic, but I thought it was worth a mention. Alex Zanardi, who lost both of his legs in 2001 in a horrific crash, is poised to drive a car just like his own at the time, with special controls for him to be able to drive it, this weekend. He’ll complete the final 13 laps of a race for the symbolic “end” to his career… Or is it? I’ve read in a few places, including Sports Illustrated, that at some point he feels he could race and would like to do so again. We’ll see how he’s feeling after taking these laps this weekend. Good luck to him on that!

Looks like the state of New Jersey is looking to ban driving while distracted… Of which some is common sense, i.e reading the newspaper while driving, but you’re probably not going to stop people from eating while driving or changing the radio station. I, for one will take a ticket probably every day. And rarely do I drive with both hands on the wheel as it is, nor do people who drive manual transmissions. I generally know where my radio stations are, and think I can handle drinking something in the car or whatever. Are they going to stop me from playing my radio too loud while I’m stuck in traffic next? Whatever. This is a little out of hand, methinks. Get out of my life, and propose laws that aren’t a little over the top. Otherwise, half the state is going to be in jail for 60 days at a clip and drive-up food joints are going to be up in arms.


Had heard on the radio this morning that the French government, through it’s consolate in Syria, had given Iraqi leaders who had escaped into Syria passports from France, which gives these individuals the right to travel freely through Europe, and probably most other places. Fascinating. Read more here. I had missed it over at littlegreenfootballs.

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