So the Terminator 3 is coming out tonight and I’ve determined that all the thinking about this series is just silly, because I still can’t figure it out. Every time that you think it’s “over”, something else happens that brings back the machines from taking over the world… Does that mean that in T2 when Arnold says that he has to kill himself and jumps in the molten steel, never to be seen again, that it didn’t make a difference and the machines still come about for some silly reason? Even though they disturbed the remnants of the first Terminator that CyberDyne Systems had lying around after being crushed in the factory? Even though that they never would have sent the guy whose name I can’t remember back to save Sarah Connor in the first movie because there would have been no Terminators and that guy couldn’t have ended up being John Connor’s best friend because he wouldnt’ have sent him back to have sex with his mom in the first place? I need graph paper.

While we’re on the topic of being confused – have you ever noticed that muscle memory is in full effect with your typing, if you’ve been a typist for a while? I find that you want to type “serious” when you want to type “series” for real. Certain words sometimes just come out… If muscle memory is involved, why is it that we still have Microsoft Word correcting our “the” mistakes over and over again. It must be speed… It’s the only thing I can think of.

Check out this website for golf balls… This is when you see a company going after a target market. jeez!

This from Matt Drudgebloggers can’t be sued for libel… Yay!

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