Columbine II? Not Quite

It seems that some kiddies from the great state of New Jersey were all ready to kill some “enemies” and use their guns, knives, and swords to go on a rampage, according to this article at MSNBC. Fascinating. Thankfully, police were tipped off after they tried to carjack someone, and it all got rounded up.

Susan Smith’s Pal

This article, also at MSNBC, details how a woman threw her twin infant sons off of a bridge and then jumped in the Mississippi River. One child and the mother survived, and a body of the third seems to have been found. That’s just great. I’m glad to see that folks are still out there trying to off their kids in quality ways.

Also – NY Rangers center Roman Lyashenko was found dead in his hotel room in Turkey over the weekend… and as everyone’s been speaking about, Kobe Bryant arrested/released on sexual assault charges near Vail, Colorado.

Has anyone out there had their work email address start to get clogged with spam? I’ve never had this happen before at four jobs where I’ve had external email access… I come in today, and I had four porn emails with asian women in them. What disturbs me is that I don’t really use my email for anything where I give it out this way… So I’d be curious to see how my email got on this list.. How annoying!

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