I hate reality television.

Recently I saw what might be the best commercial of all time. If you go to Red Stripe‘s website (this link goes to the USA website), or redstripebeer.com, for those of you elsewhere, and click on the “TV” link if the link above doesn’t work for you, it’ll take you to a batch of commercials. There’s one all the way on the right side that I find absolutely hysterical…. Nothing beats this commercial, and it is so over the top it’s great…

In other news, the Cincinnati City Council passed a law that says that those folks who would like to beg for money must now register with the city and get an ID card. If this isn’t the latest sign of the apocalypse or that Gattaca is on the way, then what is? Okay, this is. [via metafilter]

In sports, Barry Bonds “doesn’t have to do it.” And by that he means hit in the Home Run Derby during All Star Week next week at Comiskey..er US Cellular Field. Okay. That’s nice. And he doesn’t “have” to do anything, but it would certainly be nice.

And disturbingly enough, someone has written me and asked to be added to my links. Fascinating. More on this later.

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