All-Star Extravaganza (or not)

Well, the mid-season All-Star week has begun in Chicago, with the Home Run Derby taking place tonight, sans most people you think would be good to be participating. I wonder if Carney Lansford is in it this year.

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Nike purchased Converse last week.. As I had commented on MetaFilter this morning, I really can’t wait until all the teenagers who think Hurley is a big indie brand that they can represent themselves find out that Nike owns it. Hell, I wonder if Blink 182 knows.

In other news, NASCAR’s Winston Cup is starting to have repeat winners finally this season, with Ryan Newman collecting his third of the season in Chicagoland… Speaking of Chicagoland, should they just call most of Illinois Chicago at this point? I mean, isn’t it all working out that way? “Yeah, I live in Chicago…” Meanwhile you live 60 miles from the Sears Tower.

And the best question is definitely this one at MSNBC… Should CIA boss George Tenet go after the flap over the nuclear materials in Africa portion of Bush’s speech earlier this year – the precursor to Gulf War II? Vote Vote Vote!

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