Now Here’s a Kicker…

According to MSNBC, “Microsoft Admits Security Flaw” which apparently is present in all Windows systems, legacy or otherwise. What a surprise! Did anyone think this wasn’t the case? Most of their OS software or browsers turn out to have one security gap a week it seems, sometimes!

Apparently, frequent flyer miles are all they’re cracked up to be… Or this checkout girl wouldn’t be travelling 3300 miles per week to go to work, exceeding her paycheck significantly. I really hope she’s got a trust fund somewhere.

Here’s the last straw of the day… France has apparently decided to officially use the word “courriel” in place of “email”, in order to remove that english reference from the French lexicon. Where do we start in the Americas? “deja vu”? “fleur de lis”? Oh, wait – that’s right – we have better things to do. Thanks to drudgereport this one.

I guess the Expos won’t be moving to Virginia anytime soon, as a judge has broken up the plan to rezone some land for a stadium to be built.

Jay-Z and LeBron James are apparently boys, and hang out when they can… What is of course upsetting is Jay-Z claiming that this will be his last album, yet again (you may have heard the rumour). Who’s going to keep us from getting annoyed by the Ja Rules of the world.

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