Monday Monday, la la, lalalala

Found this link to alex’s lemonade stand website from MSNBC… Apparently 7 year old Alex has been fighting neuroblastoma for her whole life. She has taken the initiative to try and raise money for various children’s cancer charities via lemonade stands for a few years, and this website looks like a good way to get the word out to other kids on how they can do something good. Kind of puts things in perspective, I must say.

I really hate articles like this one at USA Today, saying that hard rock has hurt for the last few years… It’s really not that hard rock had less fans or anything – it’s just that mainstream media, including MTV and others has focused more on a dance/pop/hip-hop scene more than they have the hard rock circuit. As for Metallica helping things out, hopefully they’re helping themselves out of informal, unintentional retirement. Their new album is not all it’s cracked up to be, and I’m certainly not in anger with you.

Here’s a neat article about the use of the “real estate” inside Snapple caps…. Fascinating. Talk about a coup for an ad agency.

And something you probably won’t hear anything else, but smacks of silliness… The University of Alabama plans to ban window displays at all dorms on campus this coming semester. Though it seems the reason for such is to halt the showing of the Confederate Flag in the windows… But I suppose you could still hang it on your door inside. Fascinating.

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