Ding, Dong…

MSNBC is reporting (okay, who isn’t) that Saddam Hussein’s kids are probably dead… Does this mean no one gets the $15 million reward?

I’ve really been trying to figure out why people are so sure that they should say “RBIs” when they are talking about how many RBI someone has in baseball. I mean, it stands for “Runs Batted In”. The “s” is already present, so you’re saying “Runs Batted Ins”. That’s stupid. Will someone please make a rule where you can’t say this if you want to sound like you have any clue what you’re talking about during a baseball game and you’re the announcer?

The Waksal family, dundundundun… The last Waksal quits Imclone, the company Martha Stewart is charged with selling stock on insider knowledge…. It’s gotta be beat to have to quit the company you co-founded. Oh well – sucks to be them…

I’m thinking of adding a lingosphere sports portion to the site…. I would ask what you are all thinking of that, but at this point the readership just isn’t exactly huge. I’ll have to work on that. Too much content out there, ya know?

Has anyone else out there gotten these stupid emails that look like spam, smell like spam, but the person on the other end swears they’re not spam? No, not those – if you have ever had a resume “active” on monster.com, then your email address is open for folks who probably pay monster for the ability to mail to people with certain criteria, whether location-related, or skill related. Good idea – unfortunately, I find myself getting mail from a company EVERY SINGLE DAY, and it’s exactly the same message. It’s not targeted, it’s not different, it’s exactly the same. I’ve been getting it for months. It’s ramped up lately – it used to be just once a week, but I’ve gotten three since yesterday morning. I wrote them back telling them their marketing plan sucked, or perhaps they just had no idea what they were doing on the Internet, or perhaps they were really spamming. No reply yet. I won’t defame them just yet on the Internet, as I don’t think it’s necessary. Just thought I would post about it.

Wow. I never knew that 2 percent of US homes had no telephone service at all. That’s crazy. I knew a lot of people had just mobile connectivity, which seems to be pretty popular lately – but this is a little different. Some really good statistics and such here… From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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