Half the NBA

is being traded right now to each other. I’ve started to realize that the salary cap has indeed caused some seriously screwed up things to be happening. The NY Knicks won’t be able to sign anyone for like three years, when these mediocre-at-best players all have their contracts expire, and you’re trading random “i don’t want him” guys for other guys of the same type. How many times are you going to say “Change of scenery might be good for them.” Whatever. What a joke.

All I know is, Kobe Bryant will most likely *not* be traded to the Denver Nuggets anytime soon. Wherever the ghost of Dan Issel is, he doesn’t have to worry about that.

Are we sick of the whole stupid nuclear crap going on with the President of the USA just yet? I mean, get a grip. “Read My Lips. This is annoying.”

I’m really curious how this gentleman smuggled a gun into NYC’s City Hall and began shooting from a balcony. Fascinating.

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