Get Cheated On? Get a $4M ring!

Looks like Lakers star Kobe Bryant has bought his wife a $4 million ring just recently. How quaint.

As if California hasn’t had enough amusement of late, here’s the latest political news. Gov. Gray Davis’ recall vote to be set within 60-90 days. That should be interesting – I’m curious to see who gets voted in. I’m for Schwarzenegger. Howcome New Jersey never got to vote out Florio back in the day? That would have been fun. update Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamente has announced that the special election (delection?) will take place October 7th. How quaint.

And all importantly, make sure you check out BourboCam, which shows a photos of Bourbon Street in New Orleans every few seconds. Fascinating use of bandwidth, wouldn’t you say? Not that I should talk, since I pull up the beach cam every once in a while when I need to see what the weather is like. The point here isn’t that you can see what’s going on, but that there is probably one of these cams hooked to the Internet in every major city you can think of. And this is only the beginning. You thought x-10 was annoying you before?

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