Apocalypse Friday.

That’s what I think it’s going to be from now on. And since typically all the new movies and such come out on that fateful day, we’ll have lots to talk about.

First of all, has anyone heard that “Joey” will be the new show taking over the slot currently held by “Friends” on NBC? This is a freaking disaster. I can’t believe they’re going to spin off Matt LeBlanc into anything that didn’t have permanent press.

Since the Iraqis didn’t believe that Odai and Qusay Hussein were really in the pictures we all saw yesterday, then perhaps they will now. Thought they both look like something from the wax museum. MSNBC is showing a vid about six minutes long that contains the broadcast they showed earlier today. Here is a link to the article that comes with it. I think it’s a Windows Media Player file.

Yeahhhh! Get Crunked up! USA Today puts together a fine article on “crunk” music, currently moving up the charts and somewhat becoming mainstream with a totally different sound not quite like the ‘Dirty South’ stuff you’re used to. I think that David Banner’s “Like a Pimp” is possibly the most infectious song out there right now, and I can’t stop jamming to it. Howabout you?

And while we’re on the story involving the Ying Yang Twins, who can ever forget their hit “Say I Yi Yi”, which brought us quality lyrics like “I lke the way you wobbedy, wobbedy when it wiggle”. [courtesy of Lyrics on Demand]

Anyone else excited to see next Tuesday’s show about the ins and outs of ESPN‘s SportsCenter? Jim Gintonio at the Arizona Republic brings up a couple of interesting points about what will go on during the show…. Among other things.

Anyone who’s seen Honda’s robot Asimo before might have been fascinated. But how will they feel when they see this? Asimo danced with children for almost a half an hour yesterday at the Boston Museum of Science… Now that’s pretty cool.

And I think I’m going to start posting the amusing things that people find the lingosphere by searching for. I haven’t figured out how to put it in the layout, but here’s todays. On Yahoo!, I’m the only page that comes up for “ezpass hanger“. On Google, one other site comes up. How upsetting.

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