Mourning, Mayhem, and Malfeasance

Well, in case you hadn’t heard already (because I know I’m the first source for news), Bob Hope died today at 100 years old. He apparently passed away yesterday at home from pneumonia… I haven’t seen him on the television or in public anytime lately, but I know he’s been one of the hardest working people in showbusiness for a long while.

After reading this article, I was happy to hear that major theatres and venues are booking rap acts, even in Utah. But what I really want to know is, does “ho’s” need an apostrophe? I mean, it’s not possessive.

Oops! Detroit Lions NFL team slammed with $200K fine for not interviewing minority candidates before hiring ex-49er coach Steve Mariucci. Interesting, very interesting.

Depending on who you ask, either 49 or 50 US soldiers have been killed since the Gulf War II was declared “over”… US forces are hunting down Saddam apparently. We’ll see how this pans out. According to sources, this time someone dropped a grenade from an overpass onto the canvas-topped Hum-vee the soldiers were riding in. Makes you think twice about those kids dropping bowling balls from overpasses in suburban America, doesn’t it.

And as 28 million US telephone numbers have been placed on the Federal “Do Not Call” list [], American Teleservices Association, an industry trade group for telemarketers, has sued the FCC as a follow-up lawsuit to their earlier suit this year against the FTC that the Do Not Call list was regulated too much. Guess who’s not going to win this one? Any judge who turns this over will have his/her telephone number(s) all over the Internet so fast it won’t be funny.

Hillary Clinton’s re-election website has gone live, apparently. Oh boy – the world is in trouble now. I love the identification of New York all over the site – like she knows half of the information about NYS as she claims to on there. That’s horrid.

Saw an advertisement for The Smile Train, a charity for children to receive cleft lip and palate surgery. It’s probably the first one I’ve seen other than those ones on television for “only cents a day”, that actually tells you what you’re getting for your donation. They’re claiming that for $250 you can provide surgery for one child. That’s pretty impactful, considering what they say about this need. I urge you to check it out.

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