Where are we?

Frankly, I’m not really sure…

What I do know is, there’s a good find over at boingboing about how a new experimental WiFi network was used in order to help the folks fight the fire… Check it out.

Just heard a fantastic thing on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN radio about Pete Rose… Did anyone else notice that he wasn’t at the MLB Hall of Fame ceremonies this year? If you follow baseball or the HOF ceremonies, Pete is typically in Cooperstown, Pony hat and all, for this past weekend, year after year, signing autographs for fans and campaigning for his reinstatement and the ability to get into the Hall… Well – Dan just suggested that there is an “unofficial” gag order on Pete from the commish’s office, and I’m a firm believer that he’s dead on with that. I was thinking this on Saturday, and last night when I watched the rerun of the ceremonies to see the speeches (I wanted to see Eddie Murray), there was no mention or sight seen of Charlie Hustle… Very interesting. I’m with you, Dan.

I almost posted a link to the site (blog?) for Howard Dean, Presidential hopeful in 2004. Looks like he’s using his web “savvy” self or at least some good backers in order to raise more money than VP Cheney in one day on the ‘web. We’ll see where this goes. [via drudge report]

An NJ state senator is calling for a “safety class” to be taken before riders can use a Jet Ski… After an accident recently, the senator has capped off this recent debate with the proposal. I’m sure the Jet Ski (they’re one that lost their name and it became the industry term, didn’t it…) rental places are really pleased about this – not only do they have more paperwork to follow, but a lot of people aren’t going to get this certification. Not that it’s a good thing or bad thing in my opinion – you can never be too safe with things. But still, this is a little over the top, I think. At least right now – but you know it always takes an accident for a decision to be made to fix something (see: NHL netting, NASCAR neck & head restraints)

How big of a deal is it that Yahoo! keeps weblogs under “News and Media” in their directory… Tells you something, now doesn’t it?

Check this out. Onfocus.com/bookwatch/ tracks mentions of books in blogs that ping weblogs.com and keeps a tally to see what’s talked about most. Now that’s actually useful – almost like looking at the “college top 10 singles” in the back of your “Rolling Stone” magazine…

Saddam is apparently upset that his kids were dead…. Awww. Well, I guess if one had children who were shot like 20 times each and shown on television looking like wax, one would be upset too. Even if they were a vicious dictator.

I can’t believe this story! Apparently a retired stadium worker at Minnesota’s Metrodome has come out and said that he routinely turned the stadium fans to blow out when the home team was at bat, and the other direction when the visitors batted…. Wow!

Media rules have been issued by the Judge in the Kobe Bryant case… Check them out..

Sony’s Playstation is going wireless, and will include wireless LAN technologies, Sony says…

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