News Makes a Difference?

Well, I read an article this morning on MSNBC about how air marshals were being pulled off overnight flights… Now, it seems, marshals are back on these flights, at least partially. Talk about someone wanting to save face. I can see Tom Ridge throwing stuff around the office when he heard about this getting out earlier today. More importantly are two other things – that there is a “grapevine” for air marshals that the news media is somewhat tapped into, and two, that in the photo in the article, the “gentleman” on the right side in the reddish shirt looks like some sort of zombie. Check it out.

I’m a little upset about the recent change in the layout of orbitz. I find it’s not quite as fast, not quite as easy to navigate, and generally not pretty. Anyone else think the same way? It’s not looking good for my fave travel site.

New Jersey’s roads will have a “sign makeover” in the coming months. And it’s only going to cost $50 million!

Here’s another good link at boingboing about how some new motherboard technology is more or less being marketed as a way to keep the RIAA off of your hard drive. Now that’s just ducky.

Saw a truck today that said When Doody Calls… They’re apparently a pet waste cleanup company. I thought twice about this, wondering where there was enough pet waste to use this service – then after reviewing their website, it seems that they’ll do work for seniors and others who have trouble taking care of their pets, including litter box changing, etc. They also sell signs and fake fire hydrants, among other things. Fascinating. That’s my company of the day.

I’m finding that Chevelle’s “Send the Pain Below” is superiorly (sp?) more addicting than some of the latest rap stuff out there. Check out Chevelle at You can view the WMP300 version here, the WMP100 version here, the WMP56k version here, and quicktime version here… I recommend it for you if you’re into a decent rock out for the day.

Also – I recently got the Diplomats CD, and I’m super disappointed in 90% of it, for some reason. Some of the tracks are hot, like the “Hey Ma” remix, but otherwise some of it is just tedious. What’s up with that? Oh – and if you’re looking for Cam’ron and the rest of the Dip Set, don’t go here. Unless you want to laugh hard – you’re not going to find Juelz Santana there. Go here for the Harlem Diplomats…

Today I received a spam. already. about Bob Hope and a “collection” of his movies to honor and pay tribute to him. Here’s the successful link to the bastards. is the “individual” who won’t send you more spam if you don’t reply to this message. This is only the third one this week!

Hey, look! Don’t want to be buried, cremated, or covered in concrete and dropped to the bottom of the ocean? Now you can be disintegrated just like biohazard materials and chemical wastes! Ruben Rosario at the St. Paul Pioneer Press points out this option for Minnesotans. I can’t wait till this is rolled out nation or worldwide! It’d be so exciting to be “converted into an EPA-safe liquid solution of amino acids, sugars and soap that can be released into the sewer system or used as fertilizer or compost.” Mmmmmm, mmmm! Tas-ty!

And here is a kicker of an article on espn’s page 2 about the trade deadline, and more than likely the trades we all *think* should happen.

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