Turtles for Everyone!

Okay, not really – we don’t want you catching salmonella or anything.

Did anyone else see that Senate minority leader Tom Daschle will be blogging next month on his official website? Has this drawn the world of blogness to a horrible disaster, or what? [via drudge report]

Apparently more reports are out on the latest Windows security flaws, and they’re not good at all – looks like any worm that was made to take advantage of this would cause some quality damage… here’s the article at lgf

Hey music fans – want to “search” that song to see if it’s an RIAA related artist, album, whatever? Check out RIAA Radar… Have a ball with this one… [via boingboing]

RealNetworks’ content chief, Merrill Brown, has decided to leave the company after only one year, citing internal changes and creative strategies (or, I suspect, lack of them)… RealNetworks is one of these companies that is outlandishly huge, but just doesn’t seem to ever get the respect one would think it deserves. Maybe because its software more or less feels like it’s taken over your computer.. Heaven help you if you don’t have more than 5 or 600 mHz.

Not a Fan? Looks like the Dixie Chicks’ bus got hit by a truck this morning at 3:30am in San Antonio…. After the pickup owner was answering his cellphone, he smacked into the bus. But the bus driver was partially at fault for his choice of parking spots. Only the truck driver had minor injuries, and only one of the ‘chicks was on the bus at the time.

Looks like toll-taking is as strange a job as you might think, on America’s roadways – or at least in the Orlando, Florida area….

Surprised more hasn’t been spoken of today about CAPPS II (Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening Systems), which is being rolled out at a secure government location, and formal timing for use by everyone hasn’t been given out yet – nor will it probably happen. CAPPS II came about after 9/11. The article states that people would have to provide typical information when buying an airline ticket, but would need to add birthday, among other things, and it would be run up against a government-kept database. This is all fine and good, but we’re being so reactionary towards air travel, it’s not even funny. That’s where we’re all looking. That’s probably not where the next horrid thing will come from (thought with the recent announcement from the feds, I might eat crow on that), but all we do is work on air travel – maybe it’s the easiest thing to fix, but it’s a little out of hand. I’ve also heard rumors that it may be necessary for folks travelling *through* the US to other places to get a visa in order to land and switch planes… I’m curious to see how this works out, considering the amount of business that goes on in the States.

Vroom, Vroom Okay, so there’s no engines, but I had no idea there was really a “Soap Box Derby”… Apparently Ohio has one going on, and this is the place to find it. Who knew?

Makeup, too? I guess you can’t even afford eye-liner with this… The 165,000 people who sued tele-vangelist Jim Bakker in 1987 are getting a whopping $6.54 each. Yes, a whole $6.54. Disturbingly enough, Bakker is on the air again, out of Branson, Missouri.

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