Get Cheated On? Get a $4M ring!

Looks like Lakers star Kobe Bryant has bought his wife a $4 million ring just recently. How quaint.

As if California hasn’t had enough amusement of late, here’s the latest political news. Gov. Gray Davis’ recall vote to be set within 60-90 days. That should be interesting – I’m curious to see who gets voted in. I’m for Schwarzenegger. Howcome New Jersey never got to vote out Florio back in the day? That would have been fun. update Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamente has announced that the special election (delection?) will take place October 7th. How quaint.

And all importantly, make sure you check out BourboCam, which shows a photos of Bourbon Street in New Orleans every few seconds. Fascinating use of bandwidth, wouldn’t you say? Not that I should talk, since I pull up the beach cam every once in a while when I need to see what the weather is like. The point here isn’t that you can see what’s going on, but that there is probably one of these cams hooked to the Internet in every major city you can think of. And this is only the beginning. You thought x-10 was annoying you before?

Half the NBA

is being traded right now to each other. I’ve started to realize that the salary cap has indeed caused some seriously screwed up things to be happening. The NY Knicks won’t be able to sign anyone for like three years, when these mediocre-at-best players all have their contracts expire, and you’re trading random “i don’t want him” guys for other guys of the same type. How many times are you going to say “Change of scenery might be good for them.” Whatever. What a joke.

All I know is, Kobe Bryant will most likely *not* be traded to the Denver Nuggets anytime soon. Wherever the ghost of Dan Issel is, he doesn’t have to worry about that.

Are we sick of the whole stupid nuclear crap going on with the President of the USA just yet? I mean, get a grip. “Read My Lips. This is annoying.”

I’m really curious how this gentleman smuggled a gun into NYC’s City Hall and began shooting from a balcony. Fascinating.

Ding, Dong…

MSNBC is reporting (okay, who isn’t) that Saddam Hussein’s kids are probably dead… Does this mean no one gets the $15 million reward?

I’ve really been trying to figure out why people are so sure that they should say “RBIs” when they are talking about how many RBI someone has in baseball. I mean, it stands for “Runs Batted In”. The “s” is already present, so you’re saying “Runs Batted Ins”. That’s stupid. Will someone please make a rule where you can’t say this if you want to sound like you have any clue what you’re talking about during a baseball game and you’re the announcer?

The Waksal family, dundundundun… The last Waksal quits Imclone, the company Martha Stewart is charged with selling stock on insider knowledge…. It’s gotta be beat to have to quit the company you co-founded. Oh well – sucks to be them…

I’m thinking of adding a lingosphere sports portion to the site…. I would ask what you are all thinking of that, but at this point the readership just isn’t exactly huge. I’ll have to work on that. Too much content out there, ya know?

Has anyone else out there gotten these stupid emails that look like spam, smell like spam, but the person on the other end swears they’re not spam? No, not those – if you have ever had a resume “active” on, then your email address is open for folks who probably pay monster for the ability to mail to people with certain criteria, whether location-related, or skill related. Good idea – unfortunately, I find myself getting mail from a company EVERY SINGLE DAY, and it’s exactly the same message. It’s not targeted, it’s not different, it’s exactly the same. I’ve been getting it for months. It’s ramped up lately – it used to be just once a week, but I’ve gotten three since yesterday morning. I wrote them back telling them their marketing plan sucked, or perhaps they just had no idea what they were doing on the Internet, or perhaps they were really spamming. No reply yet. I won’t defame them just yet on the Internet, as I don’t think it’s necessary. Just thought I would post about it.

Wow. I never knew that 2 percent of US homes had no telephone service at all. That’s crazy. I knew a lot of people had just mobile connectivity, which seems to be pretty popular lately – but this is a little different. Some really good statistics and such here… From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Monday Monday, la la, lalalala

Found this link to alex’s lemonade stand website from MSNBC… Apparently 7 year old Alex has been fighting neuroblastoma for her whole life. She has taken the initiative to try and raise money for various children’s cancer charities via lemonade stands for a few years, and this website looks like a good way to get the word out to other kids on how they can do something good. Kind of puts things in perspective, I must say.

I really hate articles like this one at USA Today, saying that hard rock has hurt for the last few years… It’s really not that hard rock had less fans or anything – it’s just that mainstream media, including MTV and others has focused more on a dance/pop/hip-hop scene more than they have the hard rock circuit. As for Metallica helping things out, hopefully they’re helping themselves out of informal, unintentional retirement. Their new album is not all it’s cracked up to be, and I’m certainly not in anger with you.

Here’s a neat article about the use of the “real estate” inside Snapple caps…. Fascinating. Talk about a coup for an ad agency.

And something you probably won’t hear anything else, but smacks of silliness… The University of Alabama plans to ban window displays at all dorms on campus this coming semester. Though it seems the reason for such is to halt the showing of the Confederate Flag in the windows… But I suppose you could still hang it on your door inside. Fascinating.

Now Here’s a Kicker…

According to MSNBC, “Microsoft Admits Security Flaw” which apparently is present in all Windows systems, legacy or otherwise. What a surprise! Did anyone think this wasn’t the case? Most of their OS software or browsers turn out to have one security gap a week it seems, sometimes!

Apparently, frequent flyer miles are all they’re cracked up to be… Or this checkout girl wouldn’t be travelling 3300 miles per week to go to work, exceeding her paycheck significantly. I really hope she’s got a trust fund somewhere.

Here’s the last straw of the day… France has apparently decided to officially use the word “courriel” in place of “email”, in order to remove that english reference from the French lexicon. Where do we start in the Americas? “deja vu”? “fleur de lis”? Oh, wait – that’s right – we have better things to do. Thanks to drudgereport this one.

I guess the Expos won’t be moving to Virginia anytime soon, as a judge has broken up the plan to rezone some land for a stadium to be built.

Jay-Z and LeBron James are apparently boys, and hang out when they can… What is of course upsetting is Jay-Z claiming that this will be his last album, yet again (you may have heard the rumour). Who’s going to keep us from getting annoyed by the Ja Rules of the world.

All-Star Extravaganza (or not)

Well, the mid-season All-Star week has begun in Chicago, with the Home Run Derby taking place tonight, sans most people you think would be good to be participating. I wonder if Carney Lansford is in it this year.

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Nike purchased Converse last week.. As I had commented on MetaFilter this morning, I really can’t wait until all the teenagers who think Hurley is a big indie brand that they can represent themselves find out that Nike owns it. Hell, I wonder if Blink 182 knows.

In other news, NASCAR’s Winston Cup is starting to have repeat winners finally this season, with Ryan Newman collecting his third of the season in Chicagoland… Speaking of Chicagoland, should they just call most of Illinois Chicago at this point? I mean, isn’t it all working out that way? “Yeah, I live in Chicago…” Meanwhile you live 60 miles from the Sears Tower.

And the best question is definitely this one at MSNBC… Should CIA boss George Tenet go after the flap over the nuclear materials in Africa portion of Bush’s speech earlier this year – the precursor to Gulf War II? Vote Vote Vote!

Kill the Bratwurst!

Okay – so in case you haven’t already heard in this world of insane media coverage, Randall Simon of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball club decided it was a good idea to take matters into his own hands last night and take a swing at the “racing sausage” in an event that takes place regularly during Milwaukee Brewers games… He was “spoken to” by the sheriff’s department, along with the two persons inside the costumes [there’s people in them there costumes!]… You can catch video of the event at the link above… If anything, it’s at least amusing, considering you were watching a Brewers-Pirates game.

So I’ve found that if you have an account at ING DIRECT, at least here in the USA, if you refer a friend and they sign up for a savings account, you get $10, no matter what the minimum is that they deposit. You have 30 days to wait until you have access to the money, but hey, they have ridiculously high interest, and are quite fast at transferring money in and out of your account. You can have unlimited deposits (of course) and up to 4 withdrawals/transfers a month with no fees… And for your friend signing up, they get $25 in their account after 30 days. Sounds like a no brainer to me, don’t you think? Word to the wise – open a savings account. It’s probably a good idea. And no, they’re not paying me to say this =)

And last but not least, what the heck is this deal… Travel insurance fraud? Will the wonders ever cease? People are claiming various things to their insurance companies in order to “recover” costs such? So while the concept seems to evade me, the article is at least amusing.