Friday Kooky-ness

So I’m listening to the Imus in the Morning show on tape-delay, on KOTK out of Portland, Oregon, because I can’t find an east coast stream of it. It seems like they’re playing some of the last hour from yesterday. For some reason, I can’t get WFAN on the radio right now. That’s annoying. Oh well. If anyone out there has an East Coast stream they can send me, please email me!

In case you hadn’t heard, First Union is now Wachovia.

I’m glad to see that the Iraqi people really like helping the US soldiers. A father and brother killed their son/brother for being an informant for the soldiers. Wow.

We wonder why many, many (I’d hate to even fathom a percentage) Americans are seriously overweight, but according to this “study” at USA Today, 45% of Americans eat ice cream straight out the carton. Weird Al should do a version of NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” as “Straight Outta The Carton”, methinks.

Yes! No super long lines at the airport for paying for parking! Newark Liberty International Airport is going to launch EZPass payment for parking as early as September, joining the area’s JFK and LaGuardia airports. Fan-tastic! I guess you can’t get a receipt for your parking, but it’s probably the best thing for using the “short term” lot…

Now here’s some “real life” article stuff… Having a problem with the strange odor wafting in to your cubicle from next door? Leave an anonymous tip, like deodorant on someone’s desk. says Dana Knight @ the Indianapolis Star… Interesting way to go, not sure how that would be received. Personally, I’m a big fan of the ex, which seems to be missing in action these days. Perhaps they couldn’t get any funding. I mean, c’mon, vs.… what would you pick?

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