Mascots: An Endangered Species?

So, as if it wasn’t bad enough that many “major league” professional sports were losing their mascots and just weren’t paying anyone to “suit up”. Now they’re catching a beat down on a regular basis, and it’s getting worse. Or perhaps it’s just that we’re all so connected and with access to anything we want to see, that we hear about it more. We’ve all heard tales of drunken people attacking mascots, kids pulling their tails (leading to the dearth of tails in most cases), among other things. But now it’s reached “celebrity status”.

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Randall Simon was actually arrested and suspended 3 games and fined $2K for hitting a mascot in the head about a month ago while in Milwaukee, playing the Brewers.

And if you’re a listener to the Imus in the Morning radio program, you might have heard yesterday, July 31st, when it came out that Sid Rosenberg, sports guy, was at the Hudson Valley Renegades baseball game on Wednesday (7/30), where he was throwing out the first pitch. Apparently some pushing and shoving ensued, supposedly in all good fun, (according to Sid), and then one of the mascots (Rascal, the raccoon) was tackled by Sid. As it turns out, Rascal is actually 17 year old ex-ballerina Nikki Huss. Nikki was already scheduled for shoulder surgery later this year, and she managed to land square on the bad shoulder, messing her up even further. To boot, her elbow apparently got cut open. You can read more about it here “RENEGADES MASCOT RASCAL “SIMON-IZED” BY IMUS IN THE MORNING’S SID ROSENBERG”. Now the Renegades are doing a good job at playing this up somewhat, but Sid seems completely unremorseful, no matter what he seems to be saying on the air. I actually find Sid amusing, and don’t think he’s totally a jerk like he’s playing on the air. But perhaps I’m wrong about that. They like to promote going to Google and looking up Sid on the air. Mostly because he was sued a while ago for saying on the air that he stole DirecTV by way of fake cards in his receivers. Not the brightest move I’ve ever heard of. If you’d like to share your opinion on Sid, you can go to this link and vote if you think Sid is annoying or not. If you’d like to send Rascal the mascot a “get well” note, you can send it by emailing her here.

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