the Drama!

MSNBC is reporting that there’s been a bombing in Russia, near Chechnya, killing 20 people. This just broke a few minutes ago, no one’s claiming it yet or anything.

Supposedly, Suge Knight may be the target of gang-related killings dating all the way back to 1997. On top of this, I saw 50 Cent’s “Many Men” video last night, which depicts some guys rolling up on him on a street and shooting him, thinking he was dead, then rolling off to collect their “fee” for killing him… Hopefully we can all calm down and have less people getting blown away for no good reason on the streets of the USA. What I really want to know, however, is why Stalin wanted to kill John Wayne. I mean, didn’t he have better things to do? Seriously.

I added Cal Ulmann’s blog, “Where HipHop and Libertarianism Meet” to my reads today, had seen it once before and got a serious kick for it, so here it is. I suggest you read it. =)

This gentleman likes to steal buses from depots and drive them to Jersey Gardens mall, sometimes along their regular routes. Who thought this was a good idea?

I was just realizing that the next Matrix flick comes out in only three months plus. w00t!

Check out the Light the Night walk, a nationwide (USA) event trying to cure blood cancers.

Saw an advertisement in this week’s Sports Illustrated for “Three Olives Vodka“. The best quote of all time is that Russian Life Magazine names it the “#1 tasting vodka”. Howcome I’ve never heard of this brand before. And why are there suddenly like eight hundred vodkas claiming to be “#1” in something? And instead of Capital One’s “What’s in your wallet?”, they say “What’s in your martini?” How quaint.

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