You’re On Candid Camera!

I’m starting to firmly believe that people really don’t pay attention to what they are doing with their computers, especially when it comes to virii and such. Apparently the “MiMail” proggie is floating around claiming to be an admin, and saying that users’ accounts are ‘expiring’. Fascinating.

How disturbing is the Free Kobe website, about embattled basketball star Kobe Bryant, currently charged with sexual assault. The world is a strange place.

Ferrero, the Italian candy maker, has decided to end its relationship with Bryant, whose name is used in the branding and image of its Nutella chocolate spread product.

Some of you out there in cyberspace ( i hate that phrase ) might have heard all the fuss over the last year or so over “deep linking”, in which newspapers and other content providers were a little frustrated over links directly to articles on their websites. This of course leads to lower page views on their sites, and thus, lower advertising abilities. I’ve found that many, many newspapers are moving to “registration” a la the New York Times, or just having some link to a page about demographics, i.e. male/female, age, etc. Does this stop people from deep linking? Not really. Does it create frustration for a lot of folks? Definitely. What I’m still curious about is the business model of having all the content of a newspaper online, for free vs. the paper itself. How does this work? I mean, I like the newspaper and having it in my hands (sans the ink!), but I know I read less of it when I read online. Probably because of layout, I would think.

Looks like pay telephones may be on the road to extinction, says this article by the AP’s Jeff Donn. There were apparently 2.6MM payphones in the US in the mid-90’s, and it’s now down to about 1.8MM. That’s a huge drop, if you ask me. What is kind of scary is, what *would* happen if there were no payphones for emergencies, and cell towers were all down? What would we do without a landline at that point? Is the next step for college-campus-like “blue light” phones to be installed randomly on streetcorners for safety’s sake? We all know that there is a false-alarm ratio to think about with those things. Kind of interesting, and at the same time sad. I know we’ve all used a pay-phone randomly here and there, but to see them vanish would be pretty strange…. And in a follow up, USA Today has an article about folks dumping land-line phones for mobile. They’re quoting as many as 7.5MM folks who’ve “cut the cord,”so to speak.

And as the Brooklyn Cyclones retired Jackie Robinson’s #42, I was wondering about this… What about current players who have been wearing #42 for a while – what happens when they retire and they are all-star/hall of famer type players, like the Yankees’ Mariano Rivera, if he gets that honor? Will they have multiple numbers, like the Yankees dual #8s? Point to ponder.

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