A worthy cause

Okay, now since I’m retyping this whole post because blogger reset, hopefully this will work. Sorry if it’s not as good as the first one, but here goes…

Found this link today [via boingboing]…. This individual has had a horrible experience with Dell, and it looks like nothing would be better for this story than for every blogger ever would post a link to it or some comments about it. Grassroots efforts are always a good thing. For once, bloggers won’t care about being “scooped” on something…

Dems on Parade
I heard Senator Joe Lieberman on the Imus in the Morning program earlier today, and he was talking about fellow Presidential Candidate Howard Dean… Imus asked Lieberman about tax cuts, or the repeal of same, and you can hear it here, by clicking “August 5”… Dean had said recently that he would get rid of most of the cuts President Bush had put forth earlier this year (if not all of them), and Lieberman and others seem to be trying to distance themselves from Dean, who is raking in the most campaign funds so far… But Lieberman still leads in the polls, at least as of today.. So go figure. Dean has recently tried to backtrack on the tax cut issue, as it is obviously unpopular with most people who aren’t brain dead, including here on Tim Russert’s show back in late June. [thanks freespeech.com] Lieberman stated that he would definitely make changes to the tax cuts if he were elected as well, but not as drastic as Dean’s. He brought up the “tax and spend” moniker that ends up costing the Dems many, many votes every year, and how they needed to move away from it. I think he’s attempting to justify that if you’re going to tax people more (or, in this case, the same amount they were three months ago), you need to show them what you’re using the funds for, and that it has to be something worthwhile. I’d be very cautious on this topic if I’m a Democrat trying to get in office somewhere, because it’s one of the biggest hot button topics of the moment… The economy isn’t quite sour, but it’s not quite rockin’ and rollin’, either. And I don’t see interest rates going much lower to help it out… Even though the Fed folks did say earlier this year that they’d lower it to zero if necessary…. Not too many things are being positively affected by the latest few interest rate drops – banks and credit cards aren’t affected at all – if anything, interest rates for consumers are going up or staying static. There’s minimal, if any, translation.

Unfortunate Story Of The Day
Okay, so it’s not *that* bad, unless you’ve just had 800,000 gallons of your Jim Beam bourbon go ablaze after lightning strikes your warehouse.

Stupid Move Of The Day
This one goes to Dallas Mavericks owner and generally amusing tycoon Mark Cuban, who actually said that the latest incidents with Kobe Bryant are “from a business perspective great for the NBA“. Now I know he’s got a lot more money than I do, but I’m not stupid. The NBA in no way gets a three pointer out of this one. While they might get the good old marketing term “eyeballs” from this situation, it’s in no way good. It’s the blatant loss of one of their only solid, “good” marketable players. If anyone was a role model, it was Kobe Bryant — or so we all thought. He wasn’t having children with like eight people (or six?) [see: The Rainman], he wasn’t doing drugs repeatedly [see: Damon Stoudamire], and he wasn’t choking his coach or showing up late to games and training camp [see: Spree]. He seemed to be a decent guy who was doing decent things and didn’t have much of a chip on his shoulder. Now I’m guessing we’re going to find out some more things about Kobe’s character in general, i.e. this obviously wasn’t the first time this had happened, probably.. And I’m guessing that his continued loss of income to sponsorships is going to be an issue. And I’m guessing this will have further repercussions because businesses who don’t feel that marketing with a sports star is necessary will just remove those contracts at their expiry. The ripples are just beginning, chocolate spread and all. The NBA gets a swift kick in the seat for this deal, not a booster seat.

You Did What?
Penn State has just announced that it will start doing criminal background checks on prospective and current employees/professors. Umm, they weren’t doing this before? What, background checks for bad behavior are only for elementary schoolteachers, day care workers, and camp counselors? Let’s be realistic here – if I’m paying $20K for my kid to go to some prestigious school, I’d like to hope that they had someone under the roof who wasn’t a triple homicide parolee… So while I don’t mean to indict those who’ve “served their time”, it just seems a little strange to me in general that this would happen.

Cheap Drugs?
A store in Michigan has just opened, and is selling prescriptions at 40-90% less than USA prices. The American Drug Club “outlet” store is taking supply from Canada, and selling it to folks in the good ol’ US of A. This follows months and months of media coverage about many Americans “crossing the border” to get cheaper medicine. A large portion of these folks are elderly people whose current fixed incomes don’t necessarily have the room to purchase their necessary medications while paying their normal bills. None of these drugs pass through the FDA, and might not turn out to be the drugs you were expecting… And we don’t mean “don’t take the brown acid”. You could be taking a bottle of sugar pills for all you know. So while this isn’t right or wrong, it might be another big step towards changes in the USA on pricing structures for medications.

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