Why Is it Wednesday Again?

It’s always seeming to be Wednesday, it seems. Why is that?

Added linkfilter today, [via MetaFilter, who seems overly enjoyed about it in the comments]

This whole Kobe Bryant thing is getting out of control. The Dan Patrick Show has a survey up on their website right now about how much the 6pm SportsCenter tonight should cover the hearing today, which should last all of like five minutes… So far, 359 folks have foted, and it’s 73.2% saying 10% of the show. Gee, didn’t see that coming. But wait, Mark Cuban thinks its a good idea. Nevermind, we’re all stupid.

You can read the amusing “chat” that the Washington Post had with readers and David Gang, EVP, AOL Products earlier today. Gang discussed the launch of AOL’s version 9.0. I know you’re all so excited – or perhaps holding back the mushroom barley soup. Check it out here. I’m very tempted to use the BullFighter software from Deloitte Consulting that MetaFilter had as a FPP the other day. I wonder how that’ll pan out.

Looks like two University of Florida psychiatrists have figured out “guidelines” for determining whether someone is addicted to the Internet or not. I’m guessing most folks are going to come up positive for this. You can read about it here at USA Today

ESPN has a tape of a man shooting at professional bass fisherman Gary Klein during the BassMasters tourney last week in Louisiana. Allegedly, Klein was moving his boat too fast in a “no wake zone” and upset the man. Local authorities are probably going to subpoena the tape for their use for charges, et al.

In Baseball, uniform maker Russell Corp has lost its deal to provide uniforms to Major League Baseball teams after the 2004 season, losing to Pennsylvania’s Majestic. Kind of a bummer, I always remember Russell as the maker of jerseys and such, while Majestic is typically seen as the replica jersey company.

More later..

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