“Shadow” Traffic…

What’s up with traffic on the radio…? It’s supposed to be a good thing to hear every so many minutes during various rush hours, no matter where you are. But is it ever relevant, really? Many times you don’t hear what is wrong until you’re already in it, with no help to be found, or you hear something and are prepared for it, when meanwhile it was cleared up a half hour or more ago. Just this morning, I had heard that there was someone changing a tire in the center lane of a three-lane highway (where most folks average 70 miles per hour). I was about a mile from where this was allegedly happening, and ended up passing through the exact spot mentioned at the above discussed 70 miles per hour. Hmmm. I’m guessing the backup for an event like this would have stuck around a while, so I was a little concerned to see that there were no remnants of this. Does anyone else have this problem? Perhaps they need more helicopters.

Last night’s Jay Leno show was supposed to feature Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he wasn’t going to run in the upcoming recall election in California. That’s not what happened. Arnold is going to run for Governor of the Golden State later this year. I wouldn’t bet against him, hehe…

Caught this article this morning on MSNBC, regarding Ticketmaster’s spam policy…er privacy policy. Apparently TM is saying that you can opt out of their mailings, but that the mailings of the promoters, et al, have to be handled by you contacting those outside parties. They say it’s not their deal – meanwhile, what the person from TM ignores is the fact that THEY PASSED ON YOUR INFO IN THE FIRST PLACE. They didn’t have to do that, but they did. What a joke. This just adds to many people’s frustrations with a company that has to be the biggest joke in the world, when it comes to not trying to take over the world. We all complain about MS and AOL and Real. But these folks take the cake, sometimes. I mean, great service idea, don’t get me wrong. But don’t charge me an arm and a leg for “service” and “convenience”. Especially when you can ONLY get tickets in some instances through TM. Not fair. In a related article, MSNBC’s Bob Sullivan talks about “SPAM WARS“. There are apparently two spam a day for each person on the planet. Unfortunately, not everyone on the planet has an email box. So that leaves more for the rest of us. I find that the biggest infringer is definitely my hotmail mailbox. MS says they’re doing something about it, but I get no less than 10-20 spams a day in that mailbox. I don’t sign up for anything on it that sells my address, and eBay uses that to send me mail. So that means, folks are on eBay and are registered users, and just look at every username to aggregate me onto their list. The spam “laws” are so lax it’s ridiculous. People have all these disclaimers about how this is a one-time mailing, no need to remove me from their list. Yeah – they won’t mail me the same spam topic, it’ll be something different next time. The worst part is, many of these spammers are corporations!

Watch out for the hawks in NYC, Chihuahua lovers. Apparently one of the taloned friends swooped down and gouged the diminutive doggie, forcing it to be sent to the vet. No more details on the dog, though the Bryant Park folks paid the tab for the doc.

I was just so sad to hear that Sony had been dropping advertising in theatres for “Gigli”, the Ben & Jen fiasco that I think Drudge was reporting was down to somewhere around $180/screen in the USA lately. that’s like… 20 tickets. Nice. I’m waiting with baited breath to see “Jersey Girl” when that shows up.

If you like Battlestar Galactica, and were around when Lorne Green was selling dog food, you’ll like this collection of links in great post over at boingboing… Wow, how I miss the days when Apollo would blow up the Cylons. And when Dirk Benedict was trying to be just as suave as his later role as “Face” on the A-Team. Those were the days. If only we all had a half-bear/dog type robot thing as a pet.

And if you’re into economics and policymaking in the USA even at all, I firmly suggest checking out EconoPundit. Steve Antler’s site provides up to the minute (most of the time!) information and news on economic data, and how it actually affects your reality. Now that’s a site I’d like to be able to post comments on. I had previously been involved with the folks at a spinoff of Limited Pie, but that site moved on as the owner received an excellent opportunity in the job market… I’m very impressed with the amount of economics and politics that is out there in the blogging land.

No link handy, but I just heard an update on the radio station I’m streaming three hour old “Imus in the Morning” on… It was about how the Taliban was reforming in Afghanistan, and T-ban fighters were coming after coalition soldiers today… Funny how the media picked it up just now that the Taliban was coming back en vogue. I had read it on MetaFilter back in April in more than one post.

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