Me and Hall & Oates

were out of touch for the last week or so, as the lingosphere was travelling to Europe, and managed to miss “Blackout 2003”, as the American media so affectionately called the events of last Thursday, August 14th. Sorry for the lack of content, but the opportunity just didn’t provide itself for amusing ditties about random news and opinion items.

Needless to say, I was informed about the events in the US, and ended up spending countless hours watching the television from my hotel room.. I’ve never been in one of those hotels where all of the televisions were set on the same “servers” as the in-room Internet connection, so since many folks were obviously watching the television to see the latest news, it kept hanging up on me. Quite frustrating. They need bigger pipes, obviously.

And it seems that “Freddy vs. Jason” is the blitzkrieg that everyone thought it would be, topping box offices this past weekend. Fascinating. What’s next? Pokemon 18?

Is it just me, or couldn’t you make Get Your War On! into a sitcom or something? Perhaps like the Simpsons used to be, when it was on the Tracey Ullman show?

It’s amazing the amount of content that can happen in a week of being semi-offline, when it comes to your normal sources of news. I read the newspaper every day, and the news was on television at night, and I still have basically no idea what is going on in the United States when I returned. There’s just too much out there. Even *attempting* to harness it is a little disturbing, frankly.

This whole power outage thing is like a bad metaphor for globalization, isn’t it? I mean, connect everything, and something failing might not always get fixed like you think it will.

And what’s up with this new sniper in West Virginia. Kind of scary, having a copycat out there – I think they tend to end up worse, usually, because they see what the original did wrong… Hopefully this time we won’t all be on the lookout for white vans, because that was a little off, wouldn’t you say?

Tiger Woods seems to have lost his game somewhat – I know we’ve all overblown him so much, but some rounds he seems to just not have anything… Perhaps he really is just human, or perhaps he’s preparing the world for Michelle Wie, who I’m sure Nike is just drooling over at this point.

Disturbing article of the day comes from the founder of all things Internet (okay, not really) – Google. It seems you can do math in Google. Fascinating. What will they think of next? Will it write a speech for you? Do your english essay? Take the SATs for you? (ID please?)

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