The Rhythm is gonna get you

Oooh, I’m scared. Or Scurd, if you ask Chingy.

Thought this article about a bride getting arrested after her reception is just not a good thing… That’s kind of crazy, don’t you think? [via drudge]

So, there’s a new computer worm, perhaps called “welchia”, that patches the hole in MS Windows that was attacked by the “blaster” worm last week. Who’d of thunk it. A “good” worm? What is this world coming to, and why is it that some hacker type software folks have to fix problems MS causes themselves. Bill Gates better sign those peeps up.

Speaking of peeps – you’ve got to love anything from a company called “Just Born“, right? Those little peep guys are the best. What genius brings forth such tasty goodness!

I’ve been thinking about these companies that keep trying to recreate the wheel with regards to various things on the Internet. I’ve found that certain companies have ended up as unintentional (snicker) monopolies or oligopolies (eBay,, etc.)…. But these other groups keep trying to top these leaders, which is fine because we all want competition, but then they complain when their idea doesn’t always work. Or that there is no reason to have multiple services when they are redundant. Take, for instance, all these other “local” job services online. Companies advertise on – you go to post for their job, and are brought to the company’s own HR services, outsourced to folks like Brassring, or others. You then have to come up with a whole new login, password, rekey your resume, blah blah blah. It’s all fine and dandy if you’re using this for in-house or for people who come directly to you – but don’t you think you lose out on a lot of people who might be interested in your jobs because they don’t feel like redoing everything over and over again to post for every single company? It’s like having to fax or email your resume on different paper or something depending on the company you’re posting to. Kind of silly, if you ask me. At least for those folks you’re “advertising” to, let them post through or hotjobs/yahoo or whatever. Just my opinion.

Looks like someone was trying to blow up Charles Schwab today, as bombtypedevices were found at one office and at a home owned by the founder. In the instance of his home, it’s in a gated community. I’m curious to see how that turns out.

USA Today also has a snapshot showing the most dangerous things to eat/drink while driving. Do people actually eat chili and hot soup while driving? Interesting.

I love cross-marketing. Best Buy is going to offer Real Networks services in its 560 stores – you’ll be able to try and buy the company’s services all while shopping for electronics and the like. Good move, in my opinion. Mutually beneficial, as it might spawn extra memory chips/sticks to be bought, as well as higher end audio components for computers.

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