Down with the Kings

Well, looks like Hollywood is blaming text messaging for the latest in a line of movie flops – it disturbs me that they’re basically saying “yeah, we know that movie sucked, but a year or so ago people weren’t text messaging as much, so we could scam more people into coming out to see “Gigli”, then dishing the goods on how bad it was later, via telephone or email or whatever. So by text messaging from the theatre itself, people are obviously screwing Hollywood. Wait, here’s a theory. Howabout making good films? [via metafilter]

Thought the overall recall election in California was a joke before? Now it really is, as you can vote with your stomach at Taco Bell stores in California. [via drudge]

Well, looks like there won’t be peace anytime soon in Israel… Yes, I’m optimistic… But hey, since Israeli kids got blown up the other day, the Israelis retaliated, assassinating a leader of the Hamas group. Ugh. This whole situation is just horrible, and seems to ebb and flow so so much, but when it gets going, it really doesn’t seem to want to stop – people getting killed on both “sides” of the situation.

For all of you Ashton Kutcher haters, here’s a quality article potentially answering the “dude, what the hell?” question we’re all asking – why is he popular? I mean, I can wear a John Deere hat and play tricks on people on television too. We can all act really stupid and walk around in our underwear.

I think I’m going to make a trend of pointing out what is actually important in news stories. For instance, this story from the Des Moines Register – Lunchtime at Elementary school is silenced. I mean, seriously. You are telling elementary school kids not to talk at lunch because they’re noisy and aren’t always finishing their lunches. Whatever. But the important part of this article is this quote: “Three days into the school year”. AHHHHH! It’s August 21st! I know some states in the USA have full year schedules or extended school years, but let’s just say it’s not the majority. Kids in this area will never really know what it’s like when you graduate from school and get a job, and long for the full on summer vacation. What’s up with that?! The horrors. I really feel for these kids. [via drudge]

Funny link on boingboing talking about The Onion’s spoof on iPod. Good find – what’s starting to disturb me about iPod is that it’s definitely becoming mainstream and now that the PC product has gotten pretty good pickup by that group, all that’s stopping iPod from taking over the whole music player market is probably that only Apple users can use the iTunes website. I’ve thought long and hard about Switch, and the only thing stopping me is that I like to tinker and do my own work and put together my own PCs. You can’t do such with the Apple computers.. At least not that I know of. I’m used to putting together a decent machine a little bit below the common mHz for like $400-$500 or something, sans monitor. If anyone wants to send me some loot to save up for this, let me know. Ha.

Do you find yourself missing your ex-favorite music listening kitty cat? Well, in some way, shape, or form, your best pal napster is coming back soon… Watch the vids here. Okay, so it won’t be the same. But that’s not the point. Somewhere, I think Shawn Fanning is smiling. Though his hat is so low over his face you couldn’t really tell.

If you’re living in a market serviced by Verizon for telephone, you may have heard the dueling commercials going back and forth with the union complaining about people getting fired, and Verizon talking about how they do lots of great things for their employees. There are multiple side-deals going on with this, but one of the most interesting is this campaign from the union, where they are telling customers to switch to AT&T for local service if the union gets trashed in their demands. Ouch.

One last note – added to the sidebar under “marketing”, which is something I like to keep tabs on.

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