Competition is nada

Well, after a weekend of no further virus damage, as SoBig.F tried yet again yesterday to do whatever it was supposed to do, we arrive on Monday to hear that our friends at al Qaeda have decided they want to hijack a plane and crash it into some buildings in London. Gee, I wonder what they will choose. That’s such an original plan.

Good link over at boingboing about a WiFi finder that actually works. Who’dve thunk it.

Wow. Charles over at littlegreenfootballs has a great post about everyone’s supposed fave site IndyMedia, which claims to be for you by you, but is more or less for you regurgitated with choice edits by you. Check it out for those of you who think this is a “fair” outlet for freedom of speech. I’m a much bigger fan of, personally. And while we’re on, check this out. Chirac doesn’t think Hamas is a “terror” organization? What kind of stuff is he smoking???? Charles @ lgf also has a good link for this.

New Yorkish hasn’t been updated for a few weeks. Hoping they’re not going out of business and are just on vacation.

So I went to a local Wendy’s over the weekend, and ordered a Five Piece chicken nuggets (that’s n-u-g-g-e-t-s) and two sodas. One was a Biggie size Mountain Dew, and a small Pepsi. The guy read back what I had ordered intelligibly and some amount of money, so I drove up to the window to confirm. I asked if he had the Biggie Mountain Dew, to which he apparently thought I ordered something else once, and now again – so he is like screaming “Biggie Diet!” at me. So I’m like “no, Biggie Mountain Dew” and he’s like “Biggie Diet?!” and I’m like “no, Biggie Mountain Dew”. And he’s like, “oh.” So I confirm the small Pepsi, and he hands me a medium Pepsi. Now I’m not going to complain about that, but seriously. I don’t talk that fast, and I made a point to enunciate properly when I was up at the window, and he’s coming up with Biggie Diet. What the hell is that. I really have no problem with people in this country being from wherever they’re from, but like, at least have some ability to understand English if you’re going to be an order taker at a window. Perhaps that’s just me being short sighted, but I kind of thought it was reasonable.

Good article by Eric Neel over at ESPN’s Page 2 about the “East Coast bias” and whether or not it exists. East Coast!

The webmaster or some spammer from the Kobe Times sent me an email over the weekend to check out their site and put a link on my page. I found that amusing. What the hell is that?

First was the loss of phone booths that I posted about back on August 4th, now those blue mailboxes for dropoff of letters are vanishing, at least in some NJ communities. Security is some of the feedback, the other is lack of “use” of the boxes. A very interesting trend, which I’m sure has a root cause in the Internet and the prevalence of email.

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