Gimme my Condiments – again!

okay, so the first post i’d done on this website was about places actually charging for condiments (which I’ve since found is the norm at places like McD’s in other countries)… What annoys me more is when places tell you they gave you your condiments, only to have you find them as you writhe your fingers through the bag as you’re driving away. And the worst of all is by far Wendy’s. Not only does Wendy’s *specifically* ask you which kind of condiments you want when you order their five piece nuggets (again, that’s n-u-g-g-e-t-s), but they are the worst at actually giving it to you. That’s because the person at the window isn’t always the person you spoke to. Just someone who’s listening in on all the conversations. And they’re in such a rush to get you out of there, they usually just nod that they are in there. And when you actually do ask for them at the window, they get all stingy with them. Like me taking an extra bbq sauce because I like them with my fries is going to put Wendy’s out of business. Get a grip.

Great article on MSNBC about Johnny Cash and his video for Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”, which has been on MTV2 for a bit now. I thought it was fascinating that they pointed out that regular MTV doesn’t play videos, but feel that MTV2 doesn’t have much impact on tastefulness of vids. Why do you think that the non-norm videos are going to make the VMAs this year and going forward. Because reg MTV wouldn’t have ever played them, and peoples are seeing them on 2 and fuse. Speaking of fuse, I shall be crowned champion of the IMX. But that’s another discussion.

I’m sort of looking for a new design for the site, to launch when I put up the sports section. I’d ideally like to have “headlines” just like the idea of what is at now. Any ideas?

Argmax has a good link/article about how the US deficit could hit $500 Billion. How insane is that? Will this hurt Bush’s re-election? I’d say so. But then again, most Americans are so far away from caring about the deficit, it’s not even funny.

Short today, just really busy. Baltimore Sun’s got an article reviewing ESPN’s new series, PlayMakers that is starting tonight. Reads well, and makes me want to watch the show even more.

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