If I see another 19…

I don’t know what I’m going to do.

MSNBC has an article about a “celebration” in London “honoring” the 19 hijackers, and yes, I call them hijackers, who crashed the planes into the WTC and Pentagon and Pennsylvania on 9/11. Who exactly thought this was a good idea? And who, in their right mind, who is alive in 2003, actually gets surprised when many people get ticked off about seeing something like this? Charles @ littlegreenfootballs has a post clarifying what’s actually going on. Yeah, right. “Yeahhhhh, martyrs!” Whatever.

And while we’re at it, conveniently 19 individuals were “caught” in a situation where folks thought they were going to blow up the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Some interesting notes in the comments on lgf about the “students”, or non-students, if you will. Depends on who you ask.

I’m starting to get even more frustrated and annoyed at the recent comings-out that the air around the WTC site was announced to be “safe” in the weeks and months after the 9/11 disaster. Working in the downtown area at the time, we all had our serious doubts about this, and our companies and building owners all were being told the same things. While buildings might have ended up being safe because people were filtering the air more often/in better ways, the outside was still a disaster. I know I went through pairs and pairs of disposable contact lenses in the first couple weeks back working downtown… No matter how hard I tried to get them clean, it wasn’t happening, and I know I wasn’t alone with that problem. So was this just a “swift move to keep people positive and working”? Or was it just some individuals making semi-uninformed statements (or lies?) that we weren’t supposed to find out about. Who knows.

Back to the present…

Symantec looks to add product activation to their software in the upcoming year… This is much like Microsoft’s XP OS which doesn’t let you make drastic (or sometimes simple) hardware changes if your system isn’t registered. Definitely a good way to get people to pay for your software, but in this time of people being concerned with privacy and information security, it’s a tough sell, in my eyes.

Game Shows & SMS, perfect together. Apparently game shows are moving closer and closer to significantly more people being involved in the viewing audience, all by way of mobile device and SMS. You can already vote on Big Brother, Fame Academy, and Pop Idol in the UK with your phone, and can use your phone to vote during NASCAR races on television here in the states (though I think just for Cingular users)… Will this ever get big in the states? [via Wired]

Think you can scam your way out of being sued by the RIAA? Perhaps not. It’s been revealed that they can actually trace whether or not you recorded a song of off your CDs or not, and whether it came through an online service like the defunct Napster. Very interesting.

Great link on boingboing about the dearth of 2D animation at Disney. And how Michael Eisner is looking to 3D the 2D favorites we all know and love. Perhaps someone will redo the Superfriends, and make them not look like that boxy version of Spider-Man currently running on MTV.

A VERY interesting post at the agitator regarding the death tax in the USA, and the author’s reasoning on why it should stay. Personally, I’m in such hatred of this “tax” that it’s not funny. The reason it’s not double taxation is because it’s being taxed on the taxes of the person *getting* the funds/stuff, not the person who died. Har har. I don’t see how the Feds or anyone, by that matter, has any right to get stuff of yours, just because you’re dead. They didn’t earn it. It’s not necessary. It’s not like it already hasn’t been taxed on interest earned, or property taxes, or income taxes the first time around. Get a grip. Death tax needs to go the way of the dodo and the nehru jacket (err, unless you have one in your closet – a nehru jacket, that is).. Get rid of it, or drop it significantly.

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