Everyone. Has. Now. Kissed. Britney. Spears.

Okay, I could probably write an entire post about the MTV Video Music Awards, but I won’t. At least not totally. In case you didn’t see it, it started off (after the pre-show show) with Britney and Madonna and Christina Aguilera providing the entertainment (and tongues). How exciting. It seemed kind of anti-climatic only because Jon Norris and company from the pre-show kept talking about “something like we’ve never seen” and whatever else they came up with… But I digress.

Other than Beyonce not singing 90% of her medley, I thought it was pretty good overall. Though 50 Cent usually is a little bit more well spoken (no, really!) than he was when he was accepting awards (or carrying Eminem’s around).

MSNBC has yet another article about gas prices being at “record” levels. Like, no, really? I hadn’t noticed when it took $23.54 to fill up my freaking Cavalier yesterday evening. At only $1.819, too. What a deal. This is a freaking disaster. I really love the ability to vote for the question of the day here – check that out. And in a related story, check this post at econopundit out… Bustamante wants to make energy price gouging a felony. Talk about trying to get yourself elected.

And while we’re talking about California, has anyone seen the item about the “Focus on the Top 84 candidates” for governor in California on The Onion’s website? The best one is “Dave Grayvis”, which is current Gov. Gray Davis, just disguised. Stupid, but funny nonetheless.

After reading some metafilter stuff, and stumbled onto this link from joeadk. Did you find your house yet? Pretty f-ing cool if you ask me.

And via this link at littlegreenfootballs, here is a link to Allah’s blog, and he’s pretty ticked at Charles of lgf… Fascinating. That’s your laugh for the day. Almost as good as the Jesus blog… But slightly different.

Seems like most of the web is fascinated today with the publishing of 911 tapes and Port Authority Police transmissions… I’m definitely curious to read it all, because you’ll see the utter craziness that went on and who was able to reach the police and who, unfortunately, was not. Pretty intense stuff, from the few pieces I’ve seen so far. No links to all the stuff, but the article above has some excerpts.

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