Rant Time

Okay, so I’m busy trying to do lots of work tonight, and fix up some software and hardware issues. Recently, I’ve been getting these stupid Windows based “messenger” messages, which ar basically spam. And the company sending them is the one selling software to get you to stop getting the messages. Isn’t that like car repair companies throwing paint at your car as you drive by or something? This can’t be legal, but it probably is. messagestop.net is one of them. Anyone else having this problem?

Great article on the netscape website about “how old you are” – kind of like the email about talking to people born after 1980 about Ronald Reagan, and such.. check it out here…

Okay.. Now I do, as a guy, like the USA Today or whatever newspaper is handy up in the case in the bathrooms of some places like Chili’s. But TBS is taking it a little far, I think, with the placement of 500 ads in the bathrooms of bars in 12 cities including its home, Atlanta. What, don’t think that’s so odd? Well, the ads talk. Curious to see how this goes over.

Spammers continue to “fight back” over the online equivalent to the “do not call” registry – that of the “SPEWS” list…. Even ISPs using certain technologies are getting hammered with anti-spam Denial of Service attacks… Mike Brunker at MSNBC has a great article about it from earlier this week.

Also, I’ve joined the ranks of freespeech.com, and should have something quality posted within the next couple weeks, if I can keep my head on straight and get done all the stuff I’m doing in the real world… Looking forward to having some stuff to say over there, in a longer style than on this place…

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