Two things I’m not big fans of…

Notre Dame football, and armageddon.

Both of which show up in front of me on this exciting Tuesday afternoon. Let’s start with the most dreadful of the twosome, Notre Dame football. Apparently, there’s a weblog for those of you who like to follow the Irish. This makes me want to retch more than anything else ever. I can’t stand this team and don’t understand the fascination with this team. They’re not relevant to a large portion of the population. Get out!

And next, we have armageddon. It seems that there’s the possibility of a large asteroid hitting Earth in 2014. Bummer. You can read about it here. It would really suck if this thing were on the way to destroy us and we had eleven years to wait for it. Perhaps we can get Morgan Freeman or Bruce Willis to do something about it. [via drudge]

I was going to post something about this the other day, about the pizza delivery man who seemed to be “forced” to rob a bank, who had a bomb around his neck… Fox News has a good article, including footage of the man just minutes before the bomb detonates, and you can hear it go off from another view, and then they show the footage of the man dead on the ground. Pretty horrible stuff, I hope we don’t see another of these. [via metafilter]

Hmmm.. What happens if NBC and USA Network are run the same way? Will this allow for reruns of “Friends” in place of “Silk Stalkings”? What about NBC getting US Open tennis coverage, while CBS runs their own.

“I need to have a traumatic experience so I can get a tattoo!” Umm, okay. Who thought this was a good idea? I knew the Darwin Awards were made for a reason.

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