As if ClearChannel, TicketMaster, et al

didn’t already have us by the collective necks, then this happens (metafilter link). Apparently they’re going to take the “best” tickets and auction them online to the highest bidder. I suppose while this does take the ticket brokers out of the mix a little bit, it allows for the people who don’t care what something costs to go to whatever they want. Some good economic debate in the comments section on MeFi.

Wow. This kid has had an artificial bone placed in his arm that will *grow* with him. Fascinating. ’nuff said by me.

And even more has come out about the alleged “changing” of EPA statements in the days after the WTC came down. The EPA “watchdog” quoted in the article says this came from the White House directly. Ho hum. This is seriously frustrating.

The first person has been prosecuted using a new provision under Amber Alert laws, which in this case stop people from opening up websites that are “confusing” or are close mistypes for websites children might go to. Very interesting use of the law. Curious to see if it stands up. I’m guessing it will =)

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