Always wondered about this…

The folks over at boingboing have an article up about the naming scheme at IKEA. For those of you that have shopped there, doesn’t it all come together now? Okay, maybe not – but interesting either way.

Nelly’s new “Pimp Juice” drink is having some trouble with a reverend in North Carolina, who feels he’s glamorizing the “pimp” lifestyle… Fascinating. [via]

Universal Music Group cut prices about $6 on most of it’s titles. This kind of tells you something, doesn’t it. Figure it out for yourself, but this is what people have been saying for years.

Concerned about another possible energy infrastructure problem in the U.S.? You should be. But you should also be concerned about bridges, schools, water, and more. Always a nice positive report when the U.S. gets a D+.

Finally a word of sense. The folks at CBS’ 60 Minutes program speak their mind about celebrity interviews that the other networks’ “news” programs keep showing. So while 60 Minutes does do the occasional interview, they’re not into the pandering that Barbara Walters, Connie Chung, and the like are into. Cheers to them.

Remember what mom always told you about doing stupid things? Perhaps she was right, as this Amish “prank” in the community of Mount Hope, Ohio, goes bad when flying tomatoes anger a driver, who promptly fires his shotgun into a field of corn to get the culprits, leaving one man dead. Seems that the locals know about the prank, but no one knows who the suspected shooter is at this point. Not to poke fun at this story, but I did find it interesting that the proprietor of the Marty’s Shoes in town was actually named Marty. I always wondered if that was a prerequisite.

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