Interesting evening news…

Looks like some Israeli scientists have cracked the GSM code, allowing them to hop right on calls and even assume a telephone’s identity. What I really want to know is, is someone doing this kind of thing for every single thing out there? Does there always have to be a way around things? Fascinating.

Check out this article at OpinionJournal… Apparently, the anti-Republican (and I use the term loosely) brigade is planning on coming out in full force during 2004’s Republican Convention in NYC. is planning some quality protesting, all, of course, to do something that isn’t quite clear. From what I can gather, they’re very much into turning around the RNC’s supposed exploitation of 9/11… Not that most politicians aren’t using it here or there… But this is an interesting reaction.

So unless Hillary Clinton falls pretty far from the tree she lives with (sometimes), she’s saying that GWB was so intent on going alone and having “total control” with regards to Iraq and the Middle East as a whole. I don’t know about you, but I’m registered as a Democrat, and I specifically can say that Bill Clinton was a big fan of doing his own thing whenever he wanted to, especially when it comes to trying to blow up OBL and hitting some sort of aspirin factory. Is anyone ever going to get elected on issues and not what they can say bad about the other person?

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