So another McDonald’s lawsuit has been thrown out, yet again by a US District Court judge who threw one out in January of this year. Are people serious that they’re suing McDonald’s for making their kids fat? Aren’t they the ones taking their Little League teams to McD’s after the game and buying a stack of fries, burgers, and orange sodas? Aren’t they the ones picking up the Happy Meals on the way home because they’re too tired to cook? This is absurd. What’s next, you freaking litigious bastards???

The RIAA has said it’d give amnesty to file sharers who change their ways. I can see it now, “yes, Mr. RIAA, I won’t download any music, and here’s my old hard drive filled with Eminem clips and Beyonce mashups.”….ten minutes later….”Okay, now I need a new username, and I’ll start using LimeWire, and where’s the IP spoofing software I had found that day….”

Racism is rampant on the Internet? According to the Movement against Racism and Friendship betwen Peoples (MRAP), the Internet is now the place to be for racists to spread their thoughts. It’s obviously the medium of choice for many publications and the like. And the key here, in my eyes, is that racists go after young people, the early adopters, the ones who are using the ‘net the most. Unfortunately, it’s a smart move if you’re into that sort of thing.

Apparently, the world is quite delusional. Not only was Hillary Clinton elected as a Senator “from” New York, someone is now trying to “draft” her into running in ’04 for President. Please tell me people aren’t serious about these things. I love when a group’s platform isn’t based on what a candidate’s abilities are, but the fact that they want to “oust” the incumbent from their post. Who the hell is giving Hillary a 40% approval rating? Does anyone actually pay attention to politics that is voting in these polls? I have firmly started to believe that if you’re in any way, shape, or form, slightly different, yet equally annoying, you can get elected to anything.

Virus/worm distributors are still as stupid as they used to be. A 24-year old man in Romania was arrested in connection with the W32/Blaster-F worm after he used an online nickname as the worm’s filename, and had a nasty note to a professor in the code. C’mon. Are all criminals this stupid, or is it just me?

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