Taliban still fighting — but getting hit hard

In what comes as no surprise to people following the situation in Afghanistan for the last year, the Taliban have had minor insurrections here and there, but the news media didn’t pick up on it in a major way. The news floated around the Internet quite a bit, with some posts even showing up here on this site, metafilter, and the Drudge Report, to no avail.

Finally, a breath of fresh air – or at least some carbon smelling air. Afghan government soldiers, with the help of the U.S. soldiers still intact in their nation, have raised a flag of victory, after a long 15 days or so of battles in the northern quadrant of the country. Pakistani officials are quoted as saying their gunships are on the lookout for al Qaeda and Taliban fighters who have been crossing the border here and there. Hopefully, this will be successful, as the Pakistani people have not been so supportive towards Americans in the region.

More Terror Alerts?

After recent comments that the Department of Homeland Security’s Threat Level wouldn’t be raised in advance of the 2nd anniversary of September 11th, comes this so called “laundry list” of possible terror attacks. Looks like international flights coming out of Canada are popular targets for those who would like to hijack a plane. I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting “soft” on this whole situation, but this is just what terrorists *do* – they terrorize. They don’t have to do anything else to the Americans on American soil again, but make threats here and there and leak information. Not that it would last forever, nor would it be their best move to get “what they want”, but it’s the truth.

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