Michael Judge over at OpinionJournal posts today that the wall of comments has been painted over. I used to work in downtown NYC, and was there for 9/11. Every once in a while I’ve been downtown, and it’s kind of nice to see the comments from people, all over the construction walls, etc., in the area. I don’t think there is a *good* reason that the Port Authority can have for this. For once, people were “tagging” with magic marker, and it *was* for a good reason. Oh well. Another bastion of recent humanity gone by the wayside.

The Agitator has a link up about the new Hungry Man “All Day Breakfast”. How about all week! Jeez.

As you’ve probably heard, the FBI has posted four photos and descriptions of men they are seeking information on, related to terrorism and their relationship to al Qaeda. And of course, some interesting discussions going on over at little green footballs. I think the Canada link is quite specific. Very interesting.

Also related to the WTC, New York has Health Registry for those who lived, work, or were around the WTC when it collapsed on 9/11. You can find out more about the Registry here, and pre-register for the 30 minute survey and 20 year followup here. You can also call 1-866-NYC-WTCR (1-866-692-9827) or 311 if you are in New York City. I think this is really important, especially after all my ramblings in recent weeks about the lies about air quality. What is kind of scary is the details given in this article by Harvey Wasserman at I highly advise you to read it, it’s definitely interesting, to say the least.

I’m not sure telling virus/worm writers to get a life is going to work, but it’s a nice idea.

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