Saw an interesting sign today

that just made me so happy.. Something to the likes of “If you believe you have been exposed to chemical or biological agents, please inform the police or security OUTSIDE of the Emergency Room entrance.” It went on to tell you not to bring harmful materials into the ER as well. I guess I hadn’t ever seen one of these signs at a hospital before, not that I frequent them – but I don’t remember ever seeing them in the few times I have been at one…

…So, now they’re not al Qaeda, but just “Qaeda”… “Qaeda Tape Pledges Fresh Anti-US Attacks”. We’ve begun abbreviating, now? Apparently the new attacks are to be so horrible, that we’d all forget about 9/11. I suppose we’re all just waiting now, aren’t we.

1010WINS is also reporting that NYC’s FBI director thinks terrorists are probably in New York City right now, and that the government is monitoring the situation. Well, I should hope so!

On a lighter note, Harrison Ford is upset he never gets “bad guy” roles, says an interview in this week’s Der Spiegel. I don’t know, wasn’t he a bad guy in that movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, “What Lies Beneath” from 2000?

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