Digging Up Worms

Well, thanks to littlegreenfootballs [original post here], we have a link to an article about a “superworm”, which could possibly show up as early as 9/11/03. As some of you might know, SoBig.F is set in its code to expire in 9/10/03, which leads many virus experts and security companies to suspect that a new iteration will show up this Thursday, September 11th, 2003. We’ll see if that happens – and while some of it definitely comes off as alarmist, I don’t think that all of it is off base, at all. Some of the best comments on the lgf post are about people just checking their patches and software/virus updates ONCE per day for five minutes, we wouldn’t have this problem. That’s why you see these companies now thinking about making Windows and security updates automatic/mandatory. Either way, you’ll see some sort of collective panic up until Thursday, if any broadscale announcements are floating around.

What I’d like to know is, what’s up with this Kuang2 The Virus thing floating arond? I must get 10 a day trying to come through my firewall. Also – does anyone else get pinged like 2000 times a day by their broadband ISP? Is it really necessary to ping my computer every 20 seconds? Just curious – I never had this problem before.

On another note…

I hadn’t seen that there was a new Get Your War On from August. Check it out if you like that sort of thing…

Good article/link over at freespeech.com re: the ACLU’s use of Uncle Sam in its recent ad campaign alerting Americans about various provisions in the USA Patriot Act.

New Jersey’s Supreme Court is back in session, and on the docket this year are things like the death penalty, paintball guns – weapons or not?, and gay marriage. Could the Garden State be the next state to issue new rules on gay marriage, as seven couples have challenged the constitutionality of the non-granting of marriage licenses to non-heterosexual couples. Time will tell.

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