Those are some Friendly Skies!

Apparently, Charles McKinley couldn’t afford the $320 airfare to fly from New York to Dallas, so he flew cargo. No, that’s not a new option the airlines are offering these days to boost revenues and “fill” planes – it’s what he ended up doing when his friend packed him in a box, labelled it as computer parts and clothing, and shipped it halfway across the USA – all billed to McKinley’s employer!

We wouldn’t have found out about it, except he crowbared himself out of the crate while the deliveryman was still there – the deliveryman promptly called police, and McKinley was arrested on an outstanding warrant of theft by check.

No wonder he pulled this stunt – since passengers will soon be “color coded” to rate their flight risk… As in, the risk of putting that person on the plane. Just like stoplights, green means go (with average security checks), yellow means slow down (you’re getting checked some more) and red means you’re getting pulled out of line and going into one of those doorways you don’t know where they go to in airports. A representative from the American Conservative Union might have the right idea, though, as David A. Keene states “This system is not designed just to get potential terrorists. It’s a law enforcement tool. The wider the net you cast, the more people you bring in.” Not that you don’t want people getting caught if they’re really criminals, but is this the start of the Gattaca-type “web” that we’ve seen in futuristic films?

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