Time Travel: For real?

Perhaps some of you who have been on the ‘net for a while, or have listened to radio shows like Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM (which he’s since stopped hosting), have heard about John Titor, alleged time traveller. He says he comes from the year 2036, and was hanging around from about the year 2000 for a while, and has since disappeared. Some people believe “predictions” that he made, without actually referring to them, that have come about since he’s vanished. Could he be for real, or just another scam pulled by a pretty smart person – or a pretty crazy person, who has caught the attention of a humankind looking for more. Here’s a site dedicated to Titor with all of his posts. I thought this was a pretty solid post from [MetaFilter]

I specifically remember hearing from the “Time Traveller” character on the Art Bell show overnights, as I used to leave on WABC radio out of New York when I went to sleep. There were some interesting interviews on that show, but I do remember the various times this person came on that it was quite peculiar, and enough so that I remember it to this day. Who knows if anything will ever come out of these things, but I suppose if any of us have heard about this guy in 2036, perhaps we’ll look back and think that this was very, very strange. The interesting part is talked about in the 6/17/03 post here, where “John Titor” speaks about choosing freedom over security. Definitely something people are thinking about here in the States with the recent PATRIOT Act, and such.

[update] Great post over at freespeech.com about some of the “happenings” that the PATRIOT Act has brought about. If civilians and some police and legislators have opinions against this “law”, then shouldn’t something be done about it? I understand the point of it all, but obviously someone’s gone a little too far with it.

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