Arnold for Gov.

Saw Arnold Schwarzenegger briefly tonight on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, and I actually thought he was pretty good. He had solid answers to Bill’s questions, and didn’t go too far off track at all, like I kind of suspected he would. I was happy that O’Reilly gave him his space to speak and didn’t “step on him” or anything.. He definitely pressed the issue with the candidate about the immigration situation in California, and Arnold stated that he would get rid of the law that Gray Davis put into effect recently allowing for illegal immigrants with some documentation to acquire drivers’ licenses. He also said he would band together with other neighboring governors to petition the Federal gov’t about help with the border patrolling. Bill pushed a little here, but didn’t get too far. I thought he really held his own. Here’s the transcript of the interview.

While we’re speaking about the border situation – on Tuesday night, I heard a gentleman on Laura Ingraham‘s show on WABC 770AM in NYC who was the head of a group of citizens concerned about the borders. I believe he was from the American Border Patrol, which you can find out more about at the link right here. Apparently, this group is using unmanned aerial vehicles to survey the areas around US borders, and reporting people they see crossing back and forth. Their cameras link to a page here, but I haven’t seen anything yet, just a reference to being on WABC. Found this highly interesting, and am curious to see what the government’s view on such an organization would be.

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